A River Runs Through It…

As someone who greatly enjoys offering a fly to the aquatic species at my ancient fish & game club as well as trout streams along my journey, I’m hopeful that a little horse trading will bring me better luck as I chase elusive submerged creatures.  Since my pleasure comes from capturing images and offering flies on secluded water, I propose a swap; your favorite homemade fly for a digital image of your fly.

The work of artisans that craft their own flies, combined with news of personal best on a fly catches inspired me to make this offer.  While it’s been said many times not to let facts get in the way of a good fishing story, I’m hopeful that at least some of those personal best on a fly records that have been reported were actually caught on homemade flies instead of live bait drowned under a red & white bobber.

With that in mind, if your talent is tying flies instead of macro photography, send me your favorite fly and I’ll shoot it in my macro studio and return a digital image via email. Your masterpiece fly will be a welcomed addition to my growing collection. Below is an example of what you can expect in return.

Near Nuff Sculpin |Geryl Mortensen © 2008